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Apertis Roadmap

This is a rough list of areas which have planned work for the upcoming future. This is not a full list and is intended to be used only as a rough guide. Discussion of future development should happen on the mailing list.

2018 H2 (second half)


  • Introduce support for cross-build from the SDK
  • Implementation of Sensors & Actuators API improvements


  • Gap analysis on AppFramework features (Appbundle de-/installation, start/stop, agent support, inter-app communication, etc.)

System Update

  • Improve system update & rollback functionality based on OSTree


  • Create concept document for Apertis product line approach
  • Create concept document for source code license checking
  • Create concept document for cross-building from the SDK


  • Create product description document for Apertis
  • Create quick guide on LAVA dispatcher setup