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* [ Test cases]
* [ Test cases]
* [[WeeklyTests|Weekly test results]]
* [[WeeklyTests|Weekly test results]]
* [ Automated test templates]
* [ Automated test templates]
== Documentation ==
== Documentation ==

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[edit] Quality Assurance

This is the page for the Quality Assurance team. It includes links for QA services, documentation, tests, among with any information related to the different QA processes in the project.

[edit] Documentation

[edit] Weekly tests reports

The images are tested weekly using both manual and automated tests and a report is generated which can be found by date at the category page: Category:QA/Test_report.

[edit] Services

LAVA (Linaro Automated Validation Architecture)

[edit] Tools

Tools used for QA tasks and infrastructure.

  • lqa: It submits the automated tests jobs to LAVA. It also offers a LAVA API that can be used by other scripts.
  • phab-handler: It updates the Phabricator tasks status by the B&I infrastructure.
  • phab-tasks: Tool that helps checking Phabricator tasks status. It is mainly used to check for new bugs during the weekly testing rounds and helps to generate the email report.
  • lwr: The LAVA weekly round tool is used to fetch the automated tests results and generate the wiki report page for the weekly testing round.
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