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* [[Guidelines/API documentation|API documentation]]
* [[Guidelines/API documentation|API documentation]]
* [[Guidelines/Phabricator|Phabricator workflow]]
* [[Guidelines/Phabricator|Phabricator workflow]]
* [[Guidelines/Checklist|Code submission checklist]]
== Specific how-tos ==
== Specific how-tos ==

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SDK guidelines for application developers, focusing on security. These are a series of guidelines and examples for various aspects of developing on and in the Apertis libraries and applications. They assume a good level of competence with programming in C, and familiarity with the underlying libraries Apertis uses, such as GLib. A good set of introductory guidelines for using GLib and related libraries are the GNOME Programming Guidelines.

To get started, skim each of the General guidelines pages, each of which has a summary at the top. Specific topics are covered in the Specific how-tos section, which can be used more like a reference manual.

The external links point to further resources, which can be quite comprehensive and are worth reading.

General guidelines

Specific how-tos

External links