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Build and Integration

This is the page for the Build and Integration team. It includes links for B&I services, documentation and activities in the project.


Build Suffix

For every release (Developer, Preview, Product), we add a build suffix string to the packages, which relates to the release name of Apertis. The build suffix gets added to every built .deb package. Having a build suffix helps determine which Apertis release the .deb package was built for.

The suffix string is constructed of: b + Release Name + b<B_CNT>

  • Where, the initial b is for backward compatibility ensuring the new suffix string can work well together with older release packages.
  • String, Release Name will refer to the Apertis release's name
  • String, b<B_CNT> refers to being a binary build along with the build count.

For example, for an Apertis Developer Release of v2020dev0, we add string bv2020dev0b<B_CNT> to the project configuration on OBS
Similarly, for an Apertis Product Release of v2019.0, we add string bv2019.0b<B_CNT> to the project configuration on OBS