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To add Phabricator linters to a project (specifically, clang-format-linter):

Install clang-format-linter locally

This should be done on each developer’s machine:

cd ~/.local/bin
git clone https://github.com/pwithnall/morefas-phabricator.git clang-format-linter.git
cd /path/to/arcanist.git/externals/includes
ln -s ~/.local/bin/clang-format-linter.git clang-format-linter
arc linters  # should list ‘clang-format’ as ‘configured’

We are using a custom clone of the original clang-format-linter which adds support for splitting the diff into chunks and adds some more help.

Update .arcconfig

Update the .arcconfig file for the project (in git) to add the linter configuration and load the clang-format-linter arcanist extension:

"lint.engine": "ArcanistConfigurationDrivenLintEngine",
"load": [

Add a .clang-format file

clang-format accepts its format options from a hidden file, defined in YAML format. Create .clang-format and commit it to git:

# See https://wiki.apertis.org/Guidelines/Coding_conventions#Code_formatting
BasedOnStyle: GNU
AlwaysBreakAfterDefinitionReturnType: All
BreakBeforeBinaryOperators: None
BinPackParameters: false
SpaceAfterCStyleCast: true

These are the current recommended formatting options from the coding conventions, but may change in future as clang-format evolves or corner cases in the configuration are found and fixed.

Add a .arclint file

To enable the linters to be used with arc lint (and hence with arc diff and git-phab attach), add a .arclint file to the project and commit it to git. This example file contains XML, Python and C linters. Note that you should adjust the include path for the clang-format-default linter to include the source directories in your project, while excluding any generated C or H files.

  "linters": {
    "clang-format-default": {
      "type": "clang-format",
      "include": "(^(src|tests|canterbury)/.*\\.(c|h)$)"
    "pep8-default": {
      "type": "pep8",
      "flags": ["--ignore=E402"],
      "include": "(\\.py$)"
    "xml-default": {
      "type": "xml",
      "include": "(\\.xml$)"