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Apertis Roadmap

This is a rough list of areas which have planned work for the upcoming future. This is not a full list and is intended to be used only as a rough guide. Discussion of future development should happen on the mailing list.

2018 H1 (first half)

  • migration to debos recipes
  • rebasing on Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian stretch
  • migration to debos image-building recipes
  • Make the minimal container rootfs for Connectivity/A-IVI smaller
  • LCM of connectivity container synch (concept document)
  • OSTree on images
  • Improve testing
  • Device sharing between host and containers, movement of all required devices for BT, Wi-Fi, Ethernet into a container (Support Task)
  • Product description document for Apertis-the-distribution
  • Standardize all platforms on a single 4.14 kernel source
  • Potentially drop Mildenhall
  • Apertis-infrastructure-in-a-box (T4320)
  • Rollback with ostree (the out-of-scope section of T4135)
  • New HMI demonstrator for IVI (whichever toolkit is best HTML5+framework, GTK, Qt automotive, ...)
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