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Apertis has a three month release cycle. Features are proposed at the start of the cycle on the devel mailing list. Development happens through most of the cycle with emphasis on bug fixing towards the end. The quarterly release cycle was chosen as it fits well with the fast paced development of Apertis.

Release timeline

The Apertis release cycle starts at the end of the previous release cycle. At this point, new features are proposed, discussed and implemented.

The soft feature freeze takes place about 4 weeks before the bug fixing stops. Any features which you want to see in Apertis for the release need to be implemented in the source code before this date. From this date, only features which are already in Apertis can be polished for the release. This was previously known as "soft freeze".

The hard feature freeze takes place about 2 weeks before the bug fixing stops. At this point, only bug fixes can be made to Apertis code. This was previously known as "hard freeze".

The hard code freeze is usually a 3-4 days before the stable release. All bugs must be fixed before the bug fixing freeze. All development stops and the final image is prepared for the release. This was previously known as "bug fixing freeze".

The final image is published on the release day.

If you need to request a break (exception) for any of the above freezes, you can do so by emailing the Apertis maintainers mailing list ( and getting the support of two or more Apertis maintainers.

Past and present schedules

You can find the current release schedule at

For previous release schedules, see:

Security support

  • When a release happens it automatically supersedes the previous release, therefore previous releases are discontinued and do not receive any security support.
  • Superseded releases shall be removed from Apertis build infrastructure a short time after the current release.
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