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Apertis has a release lifecycle which is roughly three months long. Each release consists of a round of development, testing and bug fixing, followed by a stable release. Apertis also has a daily set of images which can be used for the latest testing.

You can find:

Apertis is actively developed, so you should always develop against either the latest release or the daily build images.

There are four types of images available, depending on the platform:

  • minimal: headless systems
  • target: systems with graphical stack and basic HMI
  • development: same as target, with extra development tools
  • sdk: full desktop environment to develop for Apertis, meant to be run under VirtualBox

The supported platform are:

  • amd64: Intel 64bit (using UEFI)
  • armhf: ARM 32bit (using u-boot)
  • arm64: ARM 64bit (using u-boot)
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