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Testing results considerations:

  1. These tests use tiny container images.
  2. All automated test cases already integrated into LAVA system were executed on the following images: Arm, Arm64, AMD64.
  3. Failures and partial failures were filed as bugs in Phabricator for further investigation and analysis.

The platform image used for these tests are:

ID Description Type Arm Arm64 AMD64 Tested By Notes
LAVA sanity
lava Check that LAVA basically works Integrated NOT TESTED NOT TESTED NOT TESTED
check-tiny-system-containers Test privileged tiny container with shared network Integrated NOT TESTED NOT TESTED NOT TESTED
check-tiny-user-containers Test non-privileged tiny container without networking Integrated NOT TESTED NOT TESTED NOT TESTED
PASSED - All tests passed.
PARTIAL - Tests mostly passed, with some minor problems.
FAILED - One or more tests failed.
NOT TESTED - Test not run due to some issue, like WIP, Disabled, lacking proper hardware.
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